Scarface (1983)

Not about the original 1932 film and not about the rapper you probably didn’t know about, this is about the 1983 film remake worshipped by both civilised people and every ghetto af celebrity you’ve seen on MTV Cribs, including myself. Directed by Brian De Palma and Written by Oliver Stone, the film takes viewers on a journey of humble yet troubled beginnings to exuberant volatile riches, harnessing the average person’s desires of money and power, albeit through questionable means.

Scarface (dir. Brian De Palma, DOP John A. Alonzo)

Amongst the more well received gangster films, this movie is set during the cocaine fuelled 1980’s where Cuban immigrant Antonio Montana, portrayed by Al Pacino, migrates to Miami with lifelong friends, in particular Manny Ribera (Steven Bauer), escaping their former struggles with communism to pursue better things. In the process, the group find themselves operating in the lucrative cocaine industry of the times, led by Montana and Ribera. With that comes a progressive rise to power at the many costs of others, ultimately including themselves. However, it is the means at which they reach the ‘top’ that are synonymous of the film genre and the main reason to take part in the experience. Leaving a distinct impact on popular culture, the film leaves us with endless memorabilia, and more quotes than Mean Girls. With ambitions of power and greed still ever-present, and a strong love for the anti-hero, the legacy of this movie will remain for years to come.

The Podfather Score: 7.625/10

– G.V

(George Vasiliadis)


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