Hard Boiled (1992)

If there’s a better marriage of the action and gangster genres then I’m a monkeys uncle! John Woo’s epic send off to Hong Kong cinema is a pleasure to watch as it effortlessly takes the skeleton of a gangster film and fleshes it out with endless, over the top action sequences. However nothing is wasted, nothing is done for the sake of it and nothing feels over done. Even at the most outrageous of times!

Hard Boiled (dir. John Woo, DOP Wang Wing-heng)

Hard Boiled takes us deep into triad gangs from the point of view of the police. With officers undercover and out in the open working to take down down the vicious organisation. Though it’s seen from the outside in, the movie does well to feel as much a gangster film as a cop flick and redefines what it means to be a cool gangster and a cool policeman.

Filled with excellently shot scenes and some great dialogue, if this is your first venture into Hong Kong cinema you won’t be disappointed.

The Podfather Score: 7.875/10



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